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Church of the Feodorovskaya icon
of Mother of God at the RGSU
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The web site of Russian State Social University: www.rgsu.net
The Theological Department at the Faculty of Humanities of the Russian State Social University has been functioning since September 2005
The qualification is theologian, teacher
( 5-year course).
Confessionary and educational profile:
Full-time tuition

Head of the Theological Department - priest Vladislav Mishin, Church of St.Sergius in Bibirevo.

Cycle of general professional subjects is read by the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, graduates of the Moscow Theological Academy.

The purpose of education is to prepare teachers of the "Foundations of the Orthodox Culture", specialists on relations with religious organizations, personnel for state, social and church structures in different directions - pedagogical, missionary and others.

The subject of Theology is the study of religious experience in all its concrete manifestations. Its system including a series of subjects has existed since ancient times. If we consider the beginning of the Christian Theology the first memorials containing philosophy and theological consideration of the religious experience, its age is 19 centuries.

The first year subjects:
Humanities, Social and Economic Subjects
Foreign Language
History of Russia
World History
Psychology and Pedagogy
Mathematics and Computer Science

General Professional Subjects
History of Early Christian Church
Foundations of Theology
Biblical Studies
Liturgical Theology
History and Theory of Christian Arts
Ancient Greek Language
Life Security

Free Education
Payment deadline for additional admissions is 23 September 2006
Young men are conceded draft deferment.
Head of the First Year Department
The Internet address of the University: http://www.rgsu.net
The address of Humanities Faculty of the SSUR:
V.Pik street, 4, block 3. How to reach the SSUR: the Metro station Botanichesky Sad, last wagon
from the center, on foot to the hotel Tourist.
Phone numbers:
Dean's office of Humanities Faculty: (495) 783-71-36,
Admission service: (495) 748-67-74
Any questions? Ask them the Head of the Department.
Department e-mail: miam1@mail.ru

The interview with the head of the Theological Department of the RSSU priest Vladislav Mishin to the newspaper "Tserkovny vestnik"
Consecration of the church of the Feodorovskaya icon of Mother of God at the RGSU.
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